Lost Art

As a recent graduate from the Architecture School of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, my academic background includes a substantial amount of practice in digital software and parametric design methods. However, as neat as this may appeal, this focus can lead to a lack of knowledge and domain of older techniques.

The idea of drawing by hand may sound intimidating for an upcoming architect whose main education was throughout an innovative, digital revolutionary, entrepreneurial focused, pioneer academic system in the island.  Beautifully hand drawn images were the norm 20 years ago just as a computerized image (render) is now. Computers have not only affected the human behavioral pattern in society, but also transformed the fashion in which we represent our drawings and communicate as architects.

Just a while ago, we were working with hand drawn scheme proposals for a client. This indeed was a pleasant change of pace at the office. It took me around three days to complete this task and prepare it for submittal. Unfortunately, engaging in this pleasantry became challenging way too soon for me. Anyone who has begun a diet on a Monday, and thought about giving up on that same afternoon, can relate to this.

Talking about my drawing afflictions with my coworkers here at the office has been unquestionably soothing. They understand my background and have been at the best disposition to share their own knowledge, experiences, advice, instruments and even lend me books on the matter!


This simple exercise became rather inspirational for me. Thus, I will keep working just as diligently to improve my hand drawing skills.


Nore Santiago, Designer