Making the Carolinas a better place to live, one project at a time.

Cothran Harris Architecture designs projects in different architectural styles. The process starts by discussing what you want your home to look like as well as how you want the floor plan to live on the inside. We provide ideas and advice to develop an architectural style that matches your taste, while making sure that we choose architectural features that are appropriate for you. We want our clients to recognize the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is what we see in magazines or on TV. Fashion may dictate that we wear brown one fall, gold and green the next. Style is a color that looks good on a person because of the color of their eyes or hair. Style is the cut of a jacket that emphasizes height instead of girth, color instead of creases. A fashionable house will be out of fashion in a year or two, but a stylish house will never lose its style.

Featured Projects

Commercial | South Front II

In the 1930’s the Block Shirt factory in Wilmington was the largest manufacturer of shirts in the South, producing over 24,000 shirts a week and employing 350 people. Not only was the owner’s name Block, but the shirt factory was a block long, stretching from Greenfield to Willard Street. When I first walked through the […]

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Cothran Harris Architecture - Schuler Cottage

Residential | Schuler Cottage

All happy clients end up alike, but they all arrive with different priorities. When the Schulers said they wanted a cottage that worked for their family on the inside and was “different from any other house on the island” on the outside, we knew our work was cut out for us. Taking our cue from […]

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