Quality Chemical Laboratories

Solving the three-body problem:

The third phase of Quality Chemical Laboratories is the culmination of a 10 year building program. Beginning in 2011 when QCL bought an empty warehouse to con solidate their operations, we’ve worked with QCL to build their North Chase campus. Exterior arcades and an interior corridor connects the buildings using insulated metal panels finished in the  corporate colors.

All happy buildings are alike. Good building design encourages occupant interaction and accessibility. Open offices and break areas should access sunlight and exterior views. Material choices minimize adverse physical and mental reactions. Each un happy building is unhappy in its own way, (With apologies to Tolstoy). Program con straints are opportunities to innovate, not excuses to build unhappy buildings.

Placed at a building offset, the main rotunda is a hinge point between the occupants and the general public. Facing the main highway entering Wilmington, the lobby is a beacon at night, letting drivers know they are arriving in Wilmington, while in the day letting visitors know they’ve arrived at Quality Chemical.