Lumina Point

How often do you get a chance to design a resort from whole cloth? We were asked to design a restaurant, gym, and bedroom villas from scratch. Located on Stocking Island, Lumina Point is a 15-minute boat ride across the bay from Georgetown, Exuma. Without power or any utilities, we turned necessity into a virtue emphasizing solar power, natural breezes and screened porches. We used everything from composting toilets to glass water bottles to reduce your carbon footprint. Footprints in the sand are regular size.

Twelve beachfront Villas, sailing, kayaks, open air dining, a spa, fitness, and yoga are part of the experience. Walking trips include the ocean beach on the North shore, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Bahamas, and Chat n’ Chill bar. The food is great but leave your watch at home. You are on island time now.