Figure Eight Yacht Club

The Figure Eight Yacht Club was designed over thirty years ago by Flynn-Johnston Architects. When built, the club received a design award from the North Carolina branch of the American Institute of Architects.

In 2009 the club asked us to update the building and bring it into the twenty-first century while preserving the original character and charm of the club. We removed exterior walls at the entrance to emphasis the thinness of the building and the views of the water beyond. We used structural glass partitions that were consistent with the original windows in the club to separate the bar from the formal dining area and the lobby. We added a broad entry porch and tucked the handicap ramp behind landscape beds. Inside we worked with consultants, club members and sub-contractors to coordinate the different ideas into one consistent vision.

Last year we added a trellis on the Helms Deck to create outdoor covered dining.  Next year, stay tuned.