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Weld at Currie

Cothran Harris Architecture designs houses in several architectural styles. The client starts the process by discussing what they want their home to look like as well as how they want the floor plan to live on the inside. We provide ideas and advice to develop an architectural style that matches the taste of the client, while making sure that we choose architectural features that are appropriate for the project.

We want clients to understand the difference between fashion and style. Fashion is what we see in the magazines and on TV. Fashion may dictate that we wear brown one fall, gold and green the next. Style is a color that looks good on a person because of the color of their eyes or hair. Style is the cut of a jacket that emphasizes height instead of girth, color instead of creases.

Featured Project

South Front

Our project of the month is award winning South Front Apartments.


These award winning apartments were reimagined for twenty-first century living while keeping the historic charm in mind.

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